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Equip your Physio-Control AED with top-quality accessories and replacement parts to ensure it is always ready for emergencies. At AED Safety, we offer a comprehensive range of Physio-Control AED supplies designed to maintain and enhance the functionality of your life-saving device.

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Physio-Control offers a comprehensive range of AED supplies designed to ensure your defibrillator is always ready for action. Their long-lasting batteries provide dependable power, minimizing the need for frequent replacements, and are easy to install for quick maintenance.

The AED pads are available for both adults and children, featuring clear instructions and diagrams for easy application during emergencies. To protect your device, robust carry cases offer excellent protection against environmental factors and physical impacts, with convenient storage for accessories.

Secure wall cabinets ensure the AED is always visible and accessible, with options for alarms and strobe lights to enhance security and awareness.

For training purposes, Physio-Control provides AED trainers and reusable training pads, allowing users to practice and improve their response skills in simulated real-life scenarios, ensuring preparedness when it matters most.