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Iowa State AED Laws

 Summary of Requirements

Physicians and CPR/AED training lack specific legislation. For eligibility for an AED program grant, local boards of health, community organizations, or cities must notify local EMS service programs when establishing an early defibrillation program. AED maintenance must align with manufacturer guidelines, with records maintained for the device's usable life, and programming should follow national cardiac arrest treatment guidelines. There is no current legislation regarding notification of use.
Summary of Requirements
Physician No Current Legislation
CPR/AED Training No Current Legislation
EMS Notification To be eligible for an automated external defibrillator program
grant, a local board of health, community organization or city shall notify local EMS service programs of the intent to establish an early defibrillation program.
AED-Check.jpg Maintenance Program The person or entity maintaining the AED shall ensure that the AED is maintained and inspected in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.Maintain records of all maintenance and inspections of the AED for the usable life of the device.Ensure that the AED is programmed to conform to nationally accepted guidelines for
treatment of cardiac arrest patients.
Notification of Use No current legislation.

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Good Samaritan Protection
Rescuer Purchaser Property Owner Physician Trainer
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IA Code § 613.17 - 2011

Provides Good Samaritan protection for use of an AED and establishes guidelines for AED programs.

Laws / Legislation
Date Summary
IA Admin Code § 491-5.4(99D,99F) 2017 Requires licensed racing and gaming facilities to have an AED.
SB 443 2010 Requires automated external defibrillators in all physical exercise clubs and clinical exercise centers.
IA Admin Code § 641-143.12(135) 2009 Outlines instructions to ensure the public health and safety for a person that acquires an AED.
IA Admin Code § 641-143.11(135) 2009 "Automated external defibrillator" or "AED" means an external semiautomatic device that determines whether defibrillation is required.
IA Admin Code § 641-143.10 (135) 2009 These rules establish standards for the maintenance of AEDs for a person or entity that owns, manages or is otherwise responsible for the premises on which an AED is located if the person or entity maintains the AED in accordance with Iowa Code section 613.17 as amended by 2008 Iowa Acts, Senate File 505.
IA Code § 147A.15 2006 Any person who damages, wrongfully takes or withholds, or removes any component of AED equipment located in a public or privately owned location, including batteries installed to operate the equipment, is guilty of a serious misdemeanor.