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Nevada State AED Laws

 Summary of Requirements

A physician's prescription is required for AED acquisition. Employees using a defibrillator must complete training that meets standards set by organizations like the American Heart Association or American National Red Cross. When purchasing an AED for commercial use, it can be registered with the Health Division, providing specific details about its location. Maintain and test the defibrillator according to the manufacturer's guidelines. There is no current legislation regarding notification of AED use.
Summary of Requirements
AED-Check.jpg Physician Physician prescription required.
AED-Check.jpg CPR/AED Training Any employee who will use a defibrillator is required to complete the
training requirements of a course in basic emergency care of a person in
cardiac arrest that includes training in the operation and use of an
automated external defibrillator and is conducted in accordance with the
standards of the American
Heart Association, the American National Red Cross or any similar organization.
AED-Check.jpg EMS Notification A person who purchases an automated external defibrillator for
commercial use in this State may register the defibrillator with the
Health Division by providing the Health Division with his name, street
address and telephone number, the name, street address and telephone
number of the business or organization on whose premises the
defibrillator will be placed for use, and the specific location at which
the defibrillator will be stored.
AED-Check.jpg Maintenance Program The defibrillator must be maintained and tested according to the manufacturer's operational guidelines
Notification of Use No Current Legislation

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Good Samaritan Protection
Rescuer Purchaser Property Owner Physician Trainer
AED-Check.jpg No Current Legislation AED-Check.jpg No Current Legislation AED-Check.jpg

NV Rev Stat § 41.500 - 2010

Provides Good Samaritan protection for use of an AED and establishes guidelines for AED programs.

Laws / Legislation
Date Summary
NV Rev Stat § 450B.620 2014 Outlines AED requirements for: school properties, medical facilities, and health clubs.
NV Rev Stat § 389.0185 2013 Outlines instructions to ensure the public health and safety for a school that acquires an AED.
NV Rev Stat § 450B.0505 2013 Defines: Automated External Defibrillator.
NV Rev Stat § 450B.600 2011 Outlines AED requirements for: High schools, the largest airport in the county, sporting arenas, capital building, legislative building, Grant Sawyer building, and county offices​.
NV Rev Stat § 450B.610 2010 Outlines the responsibilities of: the health division, an emergency medical dispatcher, an AED manufacturer, and the owner of an AED.
SB 244 2009 Requires registration of automated external defibrillators, authorizes all public schools to acquire AEDs.
AB 441 2003 Requires automated external defibrillators in high schools, some state
facilities, and some county facilities. Allows for AED placement in
medical facilities and health clubs. Establishes guidelines for AED
AB 409 1999 Expands immunity protection.
AB 147 1997 Provides for immunity protection.