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Oklahoma State AED Laws

 Summary of Requirements

A physician's prescription is required. There are no specific requirements for CPR/AED training. AED owners must communicate the AED's location to first responders. There are no specific maintenance or notification requirements.
Summary of Requirements
AED-Check.jpg Physician Physician prescription required.
CPR/AED Training No Current Legislation
AED-Check.jpg EMS Notification An entity or individual who owns, leases, possesses or otherwise
controls an automated external defibrillator shall communicate to the
proper first responder the locations and placements of the automated
external defibrillator.
Maintenance Program No Current Legislation
Notification of Use No Current Legislation

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Good Samaritan Protection
Rescuer Purchaser Property Owner Physician Trainer
AED-Check.jpg No Current Legislation AED-Check.jpg AED-Check.jpg AED-Check.jpg

OK Stat § 76-5A. - 2014

Provides Good Samaritan protection for use of an AED and establishes guidelines for AED programs.

Laws / Legislation
Date Summary
OK Stat § 70-1210.199 2014 Known as the "Dustin Rhodes and Lindsay Steed CPR Training Act", beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, all students enrolled in the public schools of this state shall receive instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and awareness of the purpose of an automated external defibrillator.
OK Stat § 70-1210.200 2014 Known as the "Zachary Eckles and Luke Davis Automated External Defibrillators in Schools Act." , it outlines AED requirements for schools.
SB 745 2009 Revises immunity protection and AED placement requirements.
SB 923 2008 Mandates that automated external defibrillators be made available in schools.
HB 2154 2004 Revises immunity protection and AED placement requirements.
HB 1190 1999 Establishes immunity protection and AED placement requirements.