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Washington State AED Laws

 Summary of Requirements

AED regulations commonly necessitate physician involvement, particularly in overseeing AED programs, ensuring proper training, and facilitating device placement. Users are typically required to undergo CPR and AED training through recognized courses. Maintenance and reporting of AED usage to local emergency services are also standard compliance requirements.
Summary of Requirements
AED-Check.jpg Physician Upon acquiring a defibrillator, medical direction must be enlisted by
the acquirer from a licensed physician in the use of the defibrillator
and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
AED-Check.jpg CPR/AED Training Expected defibrillator users must receive reasonable instruction in
defibrillator use and cardiopulmonary resuscitation by a course approved
by the department of health.
AED-Check.jpg EMS Notification The person or entity who acquires a defibrillator shall notify the local
emergency medical services organization about the existence and the
location of the defibrillator.
AED-Check.jpg Maintenance Program The defibrillator must be maintained and tested by the acquirer according to the manufacturer's operational guidelines.
AED-Check.jpg Notification of Use The defibrillator user shall call 911 or its local equivalent as soon as
possible after the emergency use of the defibrillator and shall assure
that appropriate follow-up data is made available as requested by
emergency medical service or other health care providers.

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Good Samaritan Protection
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WA Rev Code RCW 4.24.300 - 2014

Provides Good Samaritan protection for use of an AED and establishes guidelines for AED programs.

Laws / Legislation
Date Summary
HB 1556 2014 Provides guidelines for AED programs in high schools
WA Rev Code § 28A.230.179 2013 Each school district that operates a high school must offer instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation to students as provided in this section. Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation must be included in at least one health class necessary for graduation.
WA Rev Code § 28A.300.471 2013 Outlines the responsibilities of the office of the superintendent of public instruction.
WA Admin Code § WAC 246-817-722 2009 Outlines AED requirements for dental offices.
HB 1756 2005 A bill addressing the arrival of first responders with automatic external defibrillator capability.
WA Rev Code § RCW 70.54.310 1998 Outlines the responsibilities of a person who acquires an AED.
HB 2998 1998 Provides immunity protection and establishes requirements for automated external defibrillators.
WA Admin Code § 246-817-770 1995 Outlines AED requirements for offices in which general anesthesia (including deep sedation) is administered.